Reforestum's vision of the world and statement of intent

Our important yet humble mission

Reforestum was born with one single mission: Helping to stop climate change through the massive reforestation of our planet and protecting existing forests.

There are 7,5 billion people on this planet, and this may sound idealistic, but with the support of a small percentage of the world’s population, we really could change the course of history.

Reforestum is the union of 2 words Reforest and Um. -um means a verb, an action. Therefore, “the action of reforesting” is our answer to the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced: Climate change.

Climate change: the vicious circle

According to rigorous scientific studies published by NASA (1) and WHO (2) (Among many others), there is a 97% scientific consensus that climate change is real and is a threat to our survival (3).

Yes, our survival on this planet is not a certainty right now.

This assertion is of the utmost importance. Because if we don´t come up with an answer to this global issue, and we don’t start questioning our way of living and start correcting it, life on earth will not be possible for its 7,5 million inhabitants.

Very little will matter if we are at war for land, religion, politics, revenge, power or even justice.

Global warming has quite a few intricate causes but we could reduce it to a simple cause-effect chain:

1.- We have burnt an enormous amount of fossil fuels.
2.- The Greenhouse effect: There is so much CO2 (4) in our atmosphere that the sun’s radiation cannot escape the atmosphere as it should.
3.- The planet’s temperature rises (global warming).
4.- Climate change.
5.- Natural disasters: Increasing the frequency of extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, droughts, floods.
6.- Glaciers and poles melting.
7.- Rising ocean level.
8.- Droughts and Desertification.
9.- Less fertile land. Less drinking water.
10.- Migratory movements.
11.- More starvation and disease.

Along with this we are releasing huge amounts of CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases. We are cutting down vast areas of forested land, taking down with them their capability to capture carbon.

Seeing as sea levels are rising, and due to the destruction of coral reefs, the oceans carbon sinking capability is being drastically reduced as well.

All of this put together causes a really dangerous vicious circle.